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What to expect in our ASL classes

26 great strategies for language learning: see article "The A to Z to the best language learning" by Andrew Weiler

About General Education ASL classes:

  • Our classes meet approximately 4 hours each week.
  • Our classes are capped at 19 students to ensure quality instruction and interaction with your classmates and instructor.  
  • Our classes are taught primarily in ASL (the target language) and require that all students participate using ASL and adhering to our "voices off" policy.  
  • Our classes require preparation for and participation in every class meeting. 
  • Our classes are "hands-on" and highly interactive. Students are always involved in whole class, small group, and partner activities using ASL and visual-gestural communication.
  • Our classes include written, signed, and online tests as well as assignments to reflect on developing intercultural competence.
  • Our classes provide a positive learning environment where students have fun, get to know one another, and create a unique little community!