Additional ASL Courses



ASL 2104 American Sign Language Conversational Discourse

Students will develop conversational discourse and personal narrative skills in ASL. Students will continue the development of ASL communication skills both receptively (listening) and expressively (speaking), by expanding on ASL vocabulary and ASL grammar. These skills will allow students the ability to expand conversations in ASL beyond every day topics. Course instruction and activities are in the target language of ASL.

This course will be taught each Autumn and Spring.

ASL 3105 American Sign Language Literature

This course is an introduction to American Sign Language Literature through exploration and analysis of storytelling and poetry of the American Deaf Community. Students will expand their expressive (speaking) and receptive (comprehension) skills by examining and deciphering ASL Literary works by native ASL users as well as by creating their own works of literature using ASL. 

This course will be taught each Autumn and Spring.

ASL 3350 American Deaf Arts and Literature

A survey of literary and artistic works, specifically in America, about being deaf that are written or created by individuals who are American and deaf. Through the application of critical, literary, historical, and production theories, we will develop an understanding and appreciation of the complexities of experiencing, living and identifying with, and reflecting on, being deaf in America. 

The course will be offered each Autumn. 

ASL 4189: Intersection of American Sign Language, Deaf Culture, and the Deaf Community

“Intersection of American Sign Language, Deaf Culture, and the Deaf Community” is a course that will increase student awareness of agencies and organizations that serve the central Ohio deaf community. Students will have the opportunity to use American Sign Language with fluent users and apply their understanding of cultural norms and expectations through providing needed services and support to those organizations. Students will serve at one worksite throughout the course of the semester, culminating in a community presentation that synthesizes and celebrates their service experiences with agency/organization.

The course will be offered each Spring.