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Transfer Credit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the first step in the transfer credit process?

You will need to send your transcript from the other college or university to the OSU University Registrar. The Registrar Office will determine what and how courses are approved for transfer credit equivalency to OSU. And, of course, you will need to enroll at Ohio State before you can register for classes.

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I have taken ASL classes at another college or university and am transferring to Ohio State. Will my credits transfer?

This depends on where you have taken your coursework. Evaluation is based on course credit hours, course content and learning objectives, and the grade earned (C- or better is required for an evaluation and award of university transfer credit).  Many ASL courses at colleges throughout Ohio have already been approved for automatic transfer to Ohio State ASL courses.  

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How long does it take for my transfer credit to get processed so that I can register for the next class at OSU?

This depends on where you have taken the course work and if the courses are approved as equivalent courses. If that is the case, then as soon as your course transfers to OSU the credit wil hit your degree audit and you will be eligible to take the next course.

If the ASL course you took is not an automatic equivalent, then the course will receive elective credit from the transcript and the course will have to go through the department for evaluation. This does take longer to process. It is up to the studnet to reach out to the ASL program to get the evaluation process started.  See the FAQ for the steps on how to have a course evualated. 

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Once my transfer credits are approved, how will they show up on my transcript?

The course titles used on OSU transcripts for American Sign Language courses are:
ASL 1101, ASL 1102, and ASL 1103. You will see the course title(s) for which you have earned transfer credit on your transcript once they have been approved and processed.

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I am an OSU student but am taking an ASL course at another college/university. I want to register for my next ASL class at OSU when my window opens, but the system doesn't recognize that I have taken an ASL course(s).  Can an OSU ASL instructor sign a Course Enrollment Permission Form for me?

No. If the ASL course(s) at the other college/university automatically transfers to OSU for equivalent credit, then it (with a  passing grade) will be recognized in the system after the Registrar has received and processed your official transcript. At that time, you may register for the appropriate OSU ASL course. This means that a student will be registering after the OSU registration period has opened and may have decreased chances of being able to enroll in a class.

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Can I get special permission to register for an OSU ASL class before my transfer credits have processed?

No.  You can only registered for an ASL class once your course work from another college or university has been approved and processed by the Transfer Credit and Registrar's Offices.

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What do I do if the ASL course I took at another college/university doesn't transfer as ASL credit?

If the ASL course at the other college/university does not automatically transfer to OSU for equivalent credit, then you will have to follow the steps below.  Check the http://www.transferology.com/ website first.

You will need to prepare the following information to submit to the ASL program transfer credit coordinator for ASL course evaluation.

  • Your full name, osu.#, and student ID #
  • College/university name and campus
  • Previous school on semester or quarter system
  • Department in which course(s) is offered
  • Course title, number,  credit hours, and meeting dates/times
  • Course syllabus - including texts, assignments, and weekly schedule

Send all transfer credit materials for evaluation to:

Tia Jones
100E Hagerty Hall
1775 College Road
Columbus, OH 43210

*Note: Evaluation may take up to three weeks after receiving all necessary materials.

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What text is used in OSU's ASL classes?

We are using a unique curriculum that was specially designed for our ASL course series by our program team. Required course materials will be available through OSU Foreign Language Publications office and on the Carmen course pages.

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What can I expect in OSU's ASL classes?

  • Our classes are capped at 24 students to ensure quality interaction with your classmates and your instructor.  
  • Our classes are taught primarily in the target language and require that all students adhere to the "voices off" policy.  
  • Our classes provide a safe and positive learning environment for our students.
  • Your attendance and participation in every class meeting is expected and highly encouraged for your success.

For further questions regarding transfer credit, contact the transfer credit coordinator, Tia Jones, at 614 292-5392.

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