Why take ASL?

Five reasons to learn a second language: see Huffington Post article

Top Ten reasons to take ASL at OSU:

  1. To learn a unique visual, spatial, gestural language.

  2. To learn about the rich culture and history of American Deaf people.

  3. To fulfill the GE foreign language requirement at OSU.

  4. To make connections and build relationships within our small, interactive classes.

  5. To communicate with members of the deaf community right here in Columbus - one of the largest, longest, strongest in the nation.

several students signing in a classroom

  1. To increase understanding about your own native language and culture.

  2. To gain valuable skills and knowledge that can enhance your work  performance and increase job opportunities.

  3. To sharpen your cognitive skills by experiencing a different way of learning.

  4. To explore the multiple perspectives on deafness and communication.

  5. To build a foundation for further studies in deaf and ASL related fields.