ASL Club Silent Talent Night

August 3, 2011

ASL Club Silent Talent Night


ASL Silent Talent Night

By: Alexander Childs, ASL Club President (2011-2012)

Language has a very practical purpose, but sometimes you need some artistic expression too.  ASL translations of songs and stories are a new craze among viral video sites like YouTube.  Technology serves to expose the ASL community to innovative ideas across nations, and I wanted to bring that experience into the hands of members here at OSU.  As president of the OSU ASL Club, I sought to provide club members a new outlet for creative works in a safe, supportive community; thus was born Silent Talent Night (originally named Silent Song Night but later reworked for the inclusion of all talents).  February 28th, 2012 saw the first Silent Talent Night (STN) with a staggering audience of about 200 crammed into a modest classroom.  Supporters included ASL teachers, the Ohio School for the Deaf, ASL students, and a number of curious persons who never before experienced the wonder of sign language.  Over the course of 20 performances of poetry, songs, dance, stories, and jokes we were able to cheer on our classmates for their hard work and preparation as well as recognize and appreciate new expressions of this language we’ve all come to love.  By all accounts, Silent Talent Night was a phenomenal success; one we hope to see continued well into the future.